Deadline Handover

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Our lean approach also extends into logistics management, where we operate to a principle of ‘Just in Time’, optimising our resources by delivering just what is needed, where it is needed, exactly when it is needed. In increasingly complex projects, ‘Just in Time’ overcomes the challenges of tight site access, disruption to adjacent facilities, and impacts on the surrounding community and related infrastructure.

At the heart of our service is our skilled workforce – they’re our most valuable asset. That’s why we put safety at the very core of the company. It’s more than just our number one priority, it could be described as our DNA, inculcating everything we do. We are continually developing new approaches to safety to meet the needs of our clients, the supply chain, our workforce, and ultimately the end-users of the facilities we deliver. 

We can help clients with:

Pre-construction services

Cost planning

Digital modelling and building animations

Programme management services

Supply Chain procurement and management

Safety management

Site remediation and enabling works

Integrated construction delivery

Building technologies

Logistics management

Industrial relations management

Quality Assurance testing and commissioning

Building renovation and re-purposing

Decommissioning and building removal